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Our clients are diverse – in terms of their jobs, their concerns, their approaches and their personalities. The one thing that links them is that they all want to move forward and make a change. Here are a few of their comments (in addition to those dotted around our website) about their coaching experience with us. If you’d like to talk to a client of ours to find out more, please ask.

Professional Development & Team Coaching
Workshops and Facilitated Meetings
Small Business Coaching
Career Change and Personal Development

Professional Development & Team Coaching
“First of all a big thank you! I found your coaching style, and how much ground we covered, impressive. We discussed some of the areas I wished to develop and it highlighted to me not only the way I want to be but also the reason for some of my decisions to date. This gave me a better understanding, therefore a better tool to achieve my goal. You made me feel at ease very quickly and I felt like I could trust you and the more we talked the more I did. Your style of questioning was open and challenging but non invasive which was very enjoyable and thought provoking. You have made a significant impact on my development and I look forward to our next coaching session.”

(Senior Business Manager, Major High Street Bank)

“On the back of the team coaching we have worked on morale within our team, which is very much improved, and now I would say not only are the financial results good but we are all feeling a lot better about our roles and our value to the business. Thanks - your sessions really helped us all and I have had excellent feedback from the rest of the team”

(Managing Director, Financial Services)

To say that I have gained more confidence would be an understatement. I feel more inspired to step out of my comfort zone, to take risks, and to challenge myself…..Fiona is BIG on praise, and is highly skilled at tapping into people's potential. More importantly, however, she really excels in showing the individual just how much potential they already have, and how it can be channelled in a positive manner…..A great listener, and a truly inspirational coach, Fiona is a delight to work with.”

(HR Manager, Property Development Company)

“I started my coaching sessions with Fiona not long after being promoted to my current role. …I was facing numerous issues at different levels and was growing increasingly frustrated with the situation. One of the most important things the sessions gave me was the dedicated time to review my position. Fiona seemed to quickly understand the situation, sift out the genuine issues and make me confront these. I often (but not always) knew the answer, but without someone to ask the question I would have always been too busy “doing my job” to take the time to face the real problems. Fiona’s third person perspective and insight was immensely useful here and she used a number of tools to help me understand and consider perspective, my own motivations and potential drivers behind actions. Thanks to the coaching I have now achieved some very positive results, which will really help me move forward”

(Finance Manager, Business Publishing Company)

“What I enjoyed most about the coaching was the trust, comfort and care that I received throughout the sessions. It was exceptionally positive experience. As a result of the coaching I feel much more confident. I now have a coping “tool bag” for dealing with challenges, and understand why I react so differently depending on the situation and circumstance”

(Finance manager, Major Pharmaceutical Company)

Workshops and Facilitated Meetings
“Great structure….safe positive environment….excellent facilitation….good ground rules set from the beginning…business like intent and delivery…..brilliant!”

(Facilitated Group Meeting, CIPD)

“Fiona - you were my inspiration. Your 'personal empowerment' workshop stills stays with me as being one of the most powerful sessions I've ever attended.”

(HR Manager, Major Retail Company)

“Your training session was the perfect opportunity to allow me to focus on my own needs, the needs of my business and the needs of my family. It allowed me to work through my challenges and find answers which I would never have found on my own. During the course I set goals which I am still focused on today. So thank you again, an excellent session that I can recommend to any business owner / manager”

(Director, IT Consultancy Practise)

Small Business Coaching
“I am writing to thank you for the excellent coaching sessions. Of particular value have been the analytical tools which help me assess any given situation, and help me develop pragmatic, realistic and achievable action plans. Furthermore I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. Your skill and experience is obvious and I very much appreciate the compassion with which you apply it. I have recommended you to friends and colleagues as someone who can support individuals and teams through a range of work and/or life challenges. I look forward to talking to you again soon”

(Managing Director, Film Production Company)

“Fiona is a naturally positive person and is focused – she has the ability to concentrate on what is important. I have found the sessions of such benefit that I know that I will be continuing them for some time”

(Solicitor with own legal practise)

“I would urge everyone who has a difficult decision to make to see Fiona a couple of times. She will help you see the situation clearly, making your decision easier, and if you answer her questions truthfully, your decision will be the right one. I give my warmest recommendations to Fiona Fowler & Associates”

(Director, Events Company)

"I wanted my Fitness and Nutrition coaching business to become more consolidated, more focussed and more profitable. As a director I wanted to be able to expand the business beyond training private clients to media opportunities and corporate fitness and nutrition training. I needed to take massive action, increase my productivity and get rid of time, energy and money sponges. Fiona Fowler coached me to dig deep into my thought processes to help clarify my direction and purpose and create a business plan which is working a dream!"

(Director, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching)

Career Change and Personal Development
“Overall, when I look back at the position I am in now compared to February I can honestly say I have found the whole experience to be very motivating, and enriching and it will inspire me going forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona as a coach”

(Senior Manager, Major Retail Company)

“I had just returned from a year spent travelling and was in the process of considering a change in career direction. Fiona helped me to focus my job search and increase my confidence. Our meetings felt more like talking with a friend than any perceptions of coaching I had previously, mainly because of Fiona's ability to put me at ease. It felt great to find someone who understood my concerns.”

(Accountant, career change after a year of travelling)

“Fiona is full of energy and really gets you excited about doing something. She also manages to be a great listener, is very understanding and has helped me gain excellent insight into the type of person I am. Since having coaching with Fiona I have been so much more confident, focused and motivated and my business revenue has increased by 25%”

(Director, Personal Training Business)

“The coaching sessions with Fiona have been a great help to focus on what is important in my life at the current time. ……I hadn’t realised the real benefits of coaching before starting but would recommend anyone to try having a coach…. it can make a real difference”

(Sales Manager, major pharmaceutical company)

“Overall, when I look back at the position I am in now compared to February I can honestly say I have found the whole experience to be very motivating, and enriching and it will inspire me going forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona as a coach”

(Senior Manager, Major Retail Company)

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